The consultancy charge would be 10% to 15% of the project depending on the work needed. The scope of consultancy work include:

  • Preliminary site inspection with detailed shadow study using specialized tools and software.
  • Assessment of existing electrical system of the building to study feasibility of implementing solar PV system.
  • Designing the PV system using specialized software and performance prediction.
  • Selection of the best PV modules based on microclimate.
  • Testing of selected PV modules at a MNRE approved lab (lab charges extra).
  • Assistance in purchasing Modules, Inverters and other BOS components .
  • Electrical layout diagram .
  • Module layout diagram.
  • Inspection of the site, and designing the module structure by a certified structural engineer.
  • 3D drawing of the mechanical structure (approved by a structural engineer).
  • 1 inspection during the time of the module structure installation.
  • 1 inspection during the BOS installation.
  • Verification and commissioning of PV system.
  • Installing and validating the performance of PV system.
  • Performance evaluation after 6 months of commissioning.

The final compensation share will be decided based on what all services you would like to get from us from the above list.

green turn energy

GreenTurn Solar was a company founded by IIT Bombay alumni in 2012 with their head office in Walkeshwar, Mumbai. The company offers a wide range of solutions and services to clients who are interested in switching in to clean and green energy options through solar PV technology. We offer optimised design solutions for solar PV systems. The solutions will be based on the data and information collected from the site survey and clients requirements.

Solar Electrical Sytems

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