GTS will assist in procuring solar modules, inverters, batteries and other BoS at competitive prices. We have tie ups with reputed module manufacturers like Sunpower, Vikram, EMMVEE, PV Power Tech, Jinko, Trina etc. Thin film modules can be sourced from first solar or solar frontier for projects with at least 10 kW. Inverters can be sourced from both Indian and foreign manufacturers, based on the size, budget and quality consciousness of the client.

GreenTurn believe in load reduction first and then going solar. Hence we also try to integrate energy efficient equipments at the load side, so as to maximize the return on investment on renewable energy systems. So we are also providing super-efficient BLDC fans, LED lamps and inverter technology air conditioners and other equipments along with solar PV systems.

Our Associated Partners

green turn energy

GreenTurn Solar was a company founded by IIT Bombay alumni in 2012 with their head office in Walkeshwar, Mumbai. The company offers a wide range of solutions and services to clients who are interested in switching in to clean and green energy options through solar PV technology. We offer optimised design solutions for solar PV systems. The solutions will be based on the data and information collected from the site survey and clients requirements.

Solar Electrical Sytems

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