GreenTurn use multiple technologies in waste to energy conversion. The primary priority is for waste disposal. In the process, if we try our best to extract the energy as a by-product while processing the waste. If the composition in waste is mostly organic and biodegradable, we go for simpleand proven technologies such as biogas. Depending on the requirement of the user and the volume of waste generated per day, we design both biological and chemical waste treatment plants and sometimes prefer incinerators or gasifiers to produce electrical energy. For clients who have space constraints and who do not prefer in investing on land for waste management, we provide a mobile waste incinerator services which can handle up to 50 tons per day of municipal solid waste and can deliver 4 MWh our energy per day. We have technologies which can handle any kind of solidwaste, either municipal solid waste, agri waste, plastic items, rubber, old tyres,hazardous or toxic waste, hospital waste etc. and is flexiblefor using any organic or inorganic waste excluding metals. Liquid waste management and especially sewage treatment is also a key area where Greenturn is specialised.




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GreenTurn Solar was a company founded by IIT Bombay alumni in 2012 with their head office in Walkeshwar, Mumbai. The company offers a wide range of solutions and services to clients who are interested in switching in to clean and green energy options through solar PV technology. We offer optimised design solutions for solar PV systems. The solutions will be based on the data and information collected from the site survey and clients requirements.

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